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Frequently Asked Questions

While most companies like to prepare a set of frequently asked questions for their website, constructing a list based of what they think is all the appropriate information a visitor to their website may need.  We here at HGM understand that we cannot predict the questions we are asked and so are dedicated to making this page about your actual questions.  We wish to be completely honest and will also attempt at all times to give you as much information as we can to help anyone else who has the same question in the future.

This page will be periodically updated and we predict may become quite long after a while.  We reserve the right to remove questions that are no longer relevant. eg. we may remove any questions about a particular item we are no longer going to carry in stock.  We also reserve the right to reword your question if it is not written in a way that is easy for others to understand.

For your convenience we will break this page down into subcategories.



Who are HGM?

Headshot Gaming Merchandise is the dream of a small group of dedicated gamers who decided to start a small business to deliver the products we ourselves enjoy, and to do so at very affordable prices.

Because we are a small company we can offer merchandise at great prices while delivering excellent customer care.



Can you ship this item to my cousin, brother, african prince in XXX country?

No.  We only ship to a valid UK address, and that address has to match the cardholders address.


What information do you require from me to be able to buy XXX from your website?

We require the following information for us to be able to process your order and deliver your purchase(s) to you...

Your name and address (So we know where to send your purchase to)
Your date of birth (You must be over 18 to make a purchase from HGM)
A daytime telephone number (In case we need to speak to you regarding your order)
A valid email address (Needed to sign up for an account and so we can send you invoices, purchase confirmations etc)
A valid credit/debit card (Used by a secure third party payment gateway to process payment for your order. We never see this information)

Is there a limit on the amount I can buy from you?

As a general rule of thumb we treat any first time order over £100 to be suspicious and will need to contact you by phone before we dispatch your order to you.


I purchased a gift voucher from you, where is it?

The gift voucher you ordered will be set to Pending until it is set to Completed within our Order Manager.  As soon as it is changed an email will be sent to you.  This email includes a link to the 'Your Account' section of this website, from there you can access your voucher.

You can either access the voucher codes directly or if the voucher is a gift for someone else you will have the opportunity to enter the recipients email address and also send them a personal message.  Once you click 'submit' the recipient will receive an email with details of how to redeem the voucher.

PLEASE NOTE:  Any voucher purchased from us is only valid for 12 months from the date of sale.


I pre-ordered an item, why haven't I received it yet?

OK so this is going to be a long one, better grab some popcorn.

When a new product is announced, HGM's suppliers will provide us with certain information such as product images, item descriptions, price points, and the proposed release date (PRD).  Whenever there is a problem with pre-orders it is always down to the PRD.

There are 3 reasons why this causes problems with our site.

1.  The PRD can be pushed back, and we are not notified of the change by our suppliers.

2. The PRD can be on time but we wont get our stock until the next scheduled delivery which may be up to a week away.  To combat this we now add 1 week to the release date we provide you on the product page.  Sometimes pre-order stock can arrive with us early. When this happens we just send the item out to you straight away and disregard the release date altogether.

3. Some suppliers deal with their pre-orders on a first come first served basis. It is possible that HGM ordered the item too late, and the first batch of products go to other businesses.  This can leave HGM waiting for the supplier to be restocked by the manufacturer before stock becomes available to us.  90 times out of 100 we will not be notified of this.  This can be a massive problem for us, as once the PRD is reached on our site the product automatically goes live and is available to buy.  If we don't catch this in time this can lead to purchases being made where we have zero stock and we are unable to ship the product.  Leaving us to have to send a bunch of embarrassing emails and disappointing our customers -- WHICH WE HATE TO DO.

HGM really does try to stay on top of this a much as possible.  When a product is within 2 weeks of it's PRD we will contact the supplier by phone to confirm our order, and that the PRD is still accurate.  If there is a change to the PRD we will make the appropriate changes to our website and also email all customers who have pre-ordered to notify you of the change.

As you can imagine, when you don't always have the best information to work with it is possible that occasionally one of these products may fall between the cracks and mistakes can be made.  If this happens to you and you think you should of received an item by now, please reach out to us through our contact form and we will endeavour to make things right.


I want to order a mug from you, but you want £3.85 for postage.  Don't you think that's a little to much?

In all fairness we do.  It is HGM's policy that all items shipped by us require a signature upon delivery.  This allows everyone involved peace of mind that the delivery will be made securely, and gives us the opportunity to track any lost items.  For this to happen you do end up having to pay just £1 more than the standard rate of £2.85.

Like we said before we still do think this price is a little too high.  Royal Mail define a small parcel as max length: 45 cm, max width: 35 cm, max depth: 16 cm and max weight: 2 kg and for this the lowest they charge for 'signed for' delivery is £3.85.  There are no cheaper options if the product is smaller and lighter than these size's.

HGM is currently in negotiations with several delivery companies who deal with smaller packets.  We will keep you informed should we choose to partner with one.


I have purchased an item from you but have not received a confirmation email.

Although it doesn't happen all that often, we find that depending on the email service you are using our emails can sometimes end up in the spam folder.  Try looking there.




What is a Lead Time item?

It is a product that we do not hold in stock but we can buy in for you in a single pro-forma order.

So to explain that rather cryptic statement, It is a fairly expensive item that we don't keep in stock for a number of reasons.  But we can get for you within a reasonable amount of time (Lead Time), usually 5-7 days but can be longer in a few rare cases.  I should further explain that the lead time is the amount of time it would take to get the item into HGM's stock.  As soon as the item arrives in with us we will ship it out to you the same day (hopefully), and you should expect it in the same amount of time it takes for our other deliveries, usually 2-3 days.  If you do purchase a Lead Time product you can expect an email with an estimation of how long the whole process will take.

You can determine which are Lead Time products by looking for this symbol  in the product image.


For what reasons don't you hold Lead Time items in stock?

Lead Time items are fairly expensive products which we don't hold in stock because either we don't have space in our warehouse, or we don't wish to invest a ton of money into what is essentially a slow moving item.  Having a large quantity of items that don't sell in great numbers tie up space in your warehouse is just not good business practice.  Depending on the item, HGM may have to bulk buy in quantities of 12, 24 or sometimes 50 of these items, which we may only sell 5 of a year.  That money could be better used bringing you more exciting products.  It makes more sense to buy Lead Time products in from our suppliers, who don't require us to buy full cases of stock and will sell off their stock in low quantities.  When a supplier does allow this we take full advantage to bring you products which under usual circumstances we just couldn't afford.

I should like to add that this is a fairly common business practice.  It's just other online retailers don't usually tell you about this.  They will prefer to make something up, such as saying that they went to pick your order and discovered you had ordered the last one in stock.  And wouldn't you know it, the item is damaged.  So they are going to order you in a brand new one, but unfortunately its going to take a few more days. Sorry ;) 

We here at HGM just choose to be honest and upfront about it.


Isn't that dropshipping?

No, Let me show you the difference.

DROPSHIPPING:        You place an order with HGM  -->  HGM places your order with supplier  -->  Supplier ships your order directly to you.

LEAD TIME:                 You place an order with HGM  -->  HGM places your order with supplier  -->  Supplier ships your order to HGM  -->  HGM ships your order to you.

The problem with dropshipping is what do you do if the item is wrong or damaged?  How do you return the item?  How long does it take to get a refund? 

With dropshipping you would have to return the item to us and then wait as we return the item to the supplier, the supplier will then issue a refund but who knows how long that will take.  Then we refund you once those funds are cleared.  Which is clearly a headache nobody needs.  Compare that to a Lead Time order where if the item is not right you follow the existing returns policy and return the item.  We examine the item and if everything is good, we issue you a refund.

Just to be clear, HGM does not dropship any products that are available in our store.


If you would like us to give you an idea of how long the process will take before actually placing an order, please send us a 'Sales Enquiry' through our Contact Us page.  We will make our enquires and get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.



How do I return an item to you?

Please read our in-depth Returns Policy for all the information you could possibly need to return your purchase to us.



Do I need to be a customer of yours to enter a competition?

No, our competitions and giveaways are open to any UK resident with a valid UK address.  If you are lucky enough to win one of our competitions or giveaways we will make contact with you within 24 hours (usually right away) and ask you to provide us with your name and a delivery address.

If you are a previous customer of ours and already have an account with us, providing us with the email address you used to sign up to HGM will allow us to add the prize to your account and it will be automatically shipped out to you the same day through our regular dispatch process.

If you are not an existing customer with us that's OK, but please be fair warned that in extreme cases it may take a further 3-5 days before your prize can be manually added to our dispatch process and the item shipped out to you.

PLEASE NOTE:  HGM is currently considering making changes to this policy.  We are examining the idea of issuing prize winners with a code that will add the prize item to the cart for you for free. Then all that remains is for you to complete the checkout process and your prize will be shipped directly to you that day.  Unfortunately this will require all prize winners to sign up for an account on the store to redeem your prize.

HGM is in no rush to make this decision. We are looking at ways the system could be misused.  Also we are looking at what problems such a system may cause for ourselves.  For example, lets say that we do a giveaway for an item that has slightly damaged packaging.  How do we differentiate this damaged product from the perfect stock we hold in our warehouse?  How will our pickers know the difference and avoid shipping you a perfect item by mistake?  What changes would we have to make to our website to accommodate this new system?  How much will it cost?

HGM will conduct a series of tests to determine if the new system is feasible before considering making any changes.  Should we choose to do so any policy changes will be announced on our blog.

Are your competitions open to everybody?

For the time being our competitions and giveaways are only available to residents of the United Kingdom.  You will need to supply us with a valid UK residential address to be eligible to claim your prize.  We will not ship any packages to PO boxes or remailing services.

If you are unable to provide us with a valid UK delivery address, your win will be voided and the prize will be redrawn as soon as possible.


How do you choose your contest winners?

It depends on the contest.

For prize draws on Twitter which is where we are most active, we will use Tweetdraw to pick a random winner from all the people who retweeted.  We will then check the person chosen has complied with any requirements of the draw.  Such as following us, tagging a friend, answering a question etc.  We also check that the person chosen is in fact a resident of the UK.  If all checks out we contact them by direct message to ask for a postal address before announcing the winner via a Tweet.  If the winner cannot provide a valid UK address their entry will be voided and the prize redrawn.

For prize draws relating to purchases,  to be eligible to enter you will have to either be a new or existing customer and make a purchase from us.  Every item purchased and in the order they are purchased will receive a consecutive number tied to each of them.  When the closing date and time for the draw has completed, we at HGM will have a range of numbers which we then place into a Random Number Generator (RNG).  HGM is able to backtrack the number the RNG provides to any specific customer.  That customer will then have a credit added to their account and will be notified by email.  If that customer consents, we will also send out congratulatory posts through our social media.



If I tell you my email address will you spam me with offers?

We will use your email address to market to you, but nowhere as bad as you may expect. 

Here are the 6 ways your email address will be used by HGM.

1. To sign you up for an account with HGM.
2. To send you direct responses to any enquires you make through the Contact Us page.
3. To send you invoices, purchase confirmations, pre-order confirmations etc.
4. To assist us to identify your account if you ever need to contact HGM.
5. To inform you of any sales or promotions (No more than 2 emails per month)
6. To send you announcements about whole new product lines coming soon that may be of interest to you.  (No more than 2 emails per month)

If I tell you my email address will you sell it to third parties so they can spam me with their offers?

Absolutely not, we hate when companies do that.  We will not be following that path.


If I follow you on Facebook or Twitter will I see many marketing posts from you?

Naturally, that is kind of the point of those platforms.  Join us on your social platform of choice to be kept up-to-date with our upcoming product ranges, offers, competitions or promotions.



Is HGM PCI compliant?

Yes you can absolutely be assured of your safety when purchasing from HGM.   Your personal information is securely stored off site and is only allowed to be seen (and edited) by yourself while you are logged into our website.  Your credit/debit card information will be processed through a third party payment gateway and the data you send to them is encrypted.  We at HGM are unable to see your credit/debit card information, all information sent between yourself and our website is also protected by our SSL certificate.


Can I see what information HGM holds about me?

You can, under the Data Protection Act you have the right to see what information this company holds about you.  To do so we require that you send a request in writing to the following address:

DPA Request,
Headshot Gaming Merchandise,
Mezco Ltd,
College House, 
2nd Floor,
17 King Edwards Road,
HA4 7AE.
We will require you to provide the email address you used to create your account for us to be able to process your request.

Please be aware that along with your request we will require a £10 processing fee in the form of a cheque or postal order made payable to "Headshot Gaming Merchandise" and your request may take up to 30 days to process.  We also reserve the right to withold the information until we can get in touch with you to confirm that the request is genuine if we suspect in any way that it may be fraudulent.

Please be advised that you can save yourself a lot of time and money by just logging into your account and checking the details you have provided us.  Essentially all we would do is take that information, print it out and post it to you.

PLEASE NOTE: The EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) comes into force across the European Union on 25 May 2018 and brings with it the most significant changes to data protection law in two decades. Based on privacy by design and taking a risk-based approach, the GDPR has been designed to meet the requirements of the digital age.

Because of these changes the answer to this question will no longer be correct as of 25/5/2018.  The way you request your data will change and you will no longer be required to pay for this service.  However the last line of this answer will still remain true, you can still bypass the need to send us a request at all and see all the information we hold on you including your purchase history by going to the "Your Account" link at the very top of this website.

​You can find out more about what changes HGM are making to become GDPR compliant by reading the Blog post here.



(You can ask us a random question through the Contact Us page.  Due to the nature of humanity and the weirdness we get asked, we will not be posting everything you ask us because of ethical standards and public decency.  But if your question makes us smile or laugh or really think, then it stands a chance of making it here.)


I have noticed a mistake, how can I make you aware of it?

Thank you for wanting to help make this site a better place for everyone.  Please let us know where we went wrong by using the newly created "Report An Error" subject in the Contact Us form.


When Atheists go to court, do they have to swear on the bible?

We do not.


Why do the font sizes change randomly on your FAQ page?

No Idea, wish I did. (NOTE: This problem seems to have been resolved as we can no longer replicate this issue).


How do I get my cat to respect me?



Are you associated with Mezco Toyz?

No, our parent company Mezco Ltd is a completely separate and independent company based in the UK.  We are not connected in any way, shape or form other than having a really cool name :)


What is a picture of a thousand words worth?

Whatever it costs to print it and frame it, nothing more.


Why does every email I receive from you is go straight to my spam folder?

We are not entirely sure as it is not a consistent problem experienced by all our customers.  We find that it really depends on which email service you use to receive the emails from us.  Because all correspondence you receive from us comes from a noreply address, some services route the email directly to their spam folders.  While we are taking every measure to reduce the chances of this being caused by the content of the email itself, in some cases this is just unavoidable.

As a quick fix, we find that most email services offer a 'Not Spam' link within the email.  Click that to whitelist all our future emails so they appear in your Inbox instead.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are currently undergoing a temporary test of changing our outgoing email from our 'noreply' address ( to our 'contact' address ( to see if this helps fix the issues some users are experiencing.   We should mention that this itself may cause some problems with regular email correspondence that we at this time cannot foresee.    If you have any problems during this time please reach out to us via Twitter preferably or through our Contact Us page.  Similarly if the whole process is working fine for you and you've had no problems, we would still like to hear that from you.  The more data we have the better chance we have of finding a solution to this issue.


What game have you put the most hours into?

Ooh a toughie.  If you asked what game series we put the most into that answer would be easy -- Assassin's Creed.  But since you asked about an individual game its more tough to try and work out.  If I had to give an honest answer I would say Minesweeper or Freecell on Windows, but I don't think that's the answer you want to hear lol.  It's hard to say one, but I can name a few.  Carmaggedon, DOOM, Super Mario 64, GTA V, Mass Effect, Elite Dangerous, Everybody's Golf, Starfox. And I cant even tell you how much I've spent on both 1943 and Pang in the arcades as a kid.

In a similar fashion we definitely know the game we have put the least amount of time into which is Slyde which we platinumed in a mind boggling 20 seconds.


Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?


What is your favourite game of 2018 so far?

We had a real good time with Farcry 5,  but those good times will be surpassed when Red Dead Redemption 2 gets its release later this year.


How come wrong numbers are never busy?

Now that I think about it you are right.  You raise an excellent point Sir.


Does HGM sell at any trade shows? EGX, Comicon, E3 etc.

Not at this current time.  But we would love to in the future.   The staff at HGM attend either EGX or Gamescon every year, but that's just because we love gaming.


I own a YouTube channel and gaming blog, can I get free stuff please?

Let me start by saying that your chances are not good.

HGM will endeavour to read every email of this type and visit all links provided.  But we often find that the email will claim that they have thousands of views, and a massive potential audience, and a great opportunity blah blah.  But when we get there they have 47 views on some bland homemade videos that don't really say anything.  If this is you and you knocked up a YouTube channel or a blog over a couple of afternoons just so you can ask for free stuff, then you may as well not bother contacting us, we will not respond.  (We get so many emails like this, I can't even begin to tell ya.)

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who makes consistently good content. Someone who is dedicated and has worked tirelessly to build yourself an audience, and is genuinely proud of what you have accomplished.  Then you are the kind of person we would be most interested in hearing from.  Reach out to us.


Hi, we are a newly formed eSport team looking for sponsorship, interested?

I'm sorry but we just don't have that kind of money.  While we acknowledge this would be a fantastic opportunity to get our name out there, we also understand that sponsoring an eSports team could be a money pit that can potentially destroy this company.

However, don't be discouraged from asking this question.  Just do it to larger businesses who can see the potential like we do. 

Also only ask companies in the country you live in.  For a company like ours which only sells to residents of the United Kingdom, what use is it for us to sponsor a team or event that is in Canada, or France, or Australia even.  Anyone who see's our name would be prevented from ordering from us once they got here. 

Keep trying, and good luck in the future.