Christmas Shopping Spree Terms and Conditions

Saturday, 24 November 2018  |  Admin

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Today we announce that for the next month during the run up to Christmas Day we will preparing to give away £150 in store credit to one lucky customer on Christmas morning.

How it works:

  • Every individual item you order will be entered into the prize draw.
  • You do not have to make multiple individual orders with us to enter the draw multiple times.  If you order 5 items in one order then you get 5 entries, 10 items you get 10 and so on.
  • Every individual item ordered will be assigned a number which we can backtrack to the customer who made the purchase.
  • At approximately 12:10am on 25th December 2018 that range of numbers will be entered into a Random Number Generator (RNG) and a winner will be chosen at random.
  • HGM will use Buffer to schedule an announcement of the winner to all our social media at some ungodly hour of the morning.  The hope being that the winner will wake up to the news that they won the giveaway. (Edit: see below)
  • The winner will have a £150 credit added to their account by the time the notification reaches them.
  • The winner DOES NOT have to spend the credit within Christmas Day as the promotion implies, the credit will remain on your account until you are ready to spend it.


  • This promotion is only available to residents of the United Kingdom.
  • Any HGM or Mezco Ltd employees past or present are exempt from entering the promotion.
  • Friends and family members of any HGM or Mezco Ltd employees past or present are exempt from entering the promotion.

Good luck to you all and Merry Christmas!


PLEASE NOTE:  It has been brought to our attention that releasing the name of the winner of this competition could be a violation of the GDPR agreement HGM signed earlier this year.  It has been suggested by a few people that announcing the name of the winner on our social media could be interpreted as a breach of UK data protection laws. 

Unlike our twitter giveaways where everybody who enters does so freely, and by doing so reveals their identities themselves.  In this case the winner will be a customer who's personal information we have an obligation to protect.  HGM will endeavour to reach out to the winner and request their permission in writing for us to reveal their identity. 

Until permission can be granted, or if the winner does not consent to this, then HGM promises to make no announcement via social media, nor will we make any further attempt to continue to use this competition for our own promotional means.

As mentioned above, HGM will no longer schedule an announcement of the winner via social media and will now opt to contact the winner by email instead.